Monday, March 18, 2013

The Shelter Voice

I apologize for the lack of posting, but I have been pretty busy lately blogging over at TAILS. Here is a list of my most recent TAILS posts. These are written for shelter supporters/non-shelter personnel, but I think there are still some concepts that are useful for those working on the front lines of animal sheltering as well.

Shelter Myths: This series of posts debunks the most common shelter myths heard around every shelter or rescue.
Do Fee Waived Adoptions Devalue Pets?
The Black Cat Myth
All Shelter Pets are Imperfect 
Black Dog Syndrome

Ways To Help Out: These posts discuss opportunities for engaging community involvement including fostering, volunteering, and
Become a Foster Parent!
Creative Ways to Help Animals
10 Things Every Shelter Volunteer Should Know

Working in an Animal Shelter: Working in an animal shelter has its ups and downs, challenges, and rewards. These posts discuss life in a shelter.
Memorable Firsts
Dealing with Compassion Fatigue
My Career in Animal Welfare

Shelter Concepts: These posts detail decisions shelter staff handle on a regular basis to maintain a healthy shelter population.
Returned Adoptions are not Failures
The Kitten Dilemma
The Purpose of Capacity Planning
Dog Kennel Enrichment Ideas
Cat Kennel Enrichment Ideas
Shelters Do More Than Just Adopt Cute Puppies
Shelter Length of Stay

History Lesson: This series of posts detail the various types of shelters and rescues, humane societies, and other organizations that help animals.
What's in a Name?
Open Admissions vs. Limited Admissions
Types of Animal Shelters

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